CDS.Direct - Clean Diesel Specialists Inc's Online Webstore for Aftermarket DPF Filters, DPF Cleaning Equipment, DPF Gaskets, DPF Clamps, DPF Bungs and DPF Accessories! CDS Inc also has Full service DPF Cleaning and RetroFit Facilities around the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves on trouble shooting even the most difficult of RetroFits. Understanding the in and outs of CARB (California Air Resource Board) is what we specialize in. You can't trust everyone to know what you can and cannot use in this Diesel Emissions Industry in California as not everything is allowed. We want to save you time and money by using only approved methods and materials to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Trust is very important to us and we recognize that your truck and DPF are expensive pieces of equipment. Trusting us to handle your trucks and DPF with the care they deserve so they will last you for many years is the right choice!

We proudly use Enviromotive's DPF Cleaning System. We feel that this manual system is directly in line with our philosophy of taking supreme care of your DPF. We can take any size DPF, blast, bake and return it to you within 24 hours...most times sooner than that!

CDS Inc consists of like minded individuals who stand for quality and will not compromise on workmanship. Please visit our catalog to learn more about the wide variety of products we offer!

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