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CDS Inc provides an array of services to support you in the long run. From the initial consultation to the installation and, eventually, to maintenance training. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service no matter what stage of the game you are in.

DPF Cleaning

The CDS DPF Cleaning Service, goes above and beyond your typical DPF cleaning! We offer extra inspection services and preventative maintenance that helps with early detection of engine malfunction and faults. With our newly designed DPF Cleaning machine from, we are cleaning the Diesel Particulate filter more thoroughly than ever before. This is the only Diesel Particulate Filter system on the market that has extreme suction on the outlet side as well as pin point accuracy of forced air through the inlet side. We can assure you there is no other DPF cleaning machine on the market that can get a DPF cleaner that ours. We have locations all over the country with the envi system in place so send your DPF to us for service.

Smoke Opacity Testing

The penalties for excessive smoke range from a $300 fix-it ticket to an $1800 citation and the CHP can take the vehicle out of service. CDS offers smoke testing with services available at our nationwide service centers. Our Smoke Opacity technicians are certified by the state to provide accurate service and up to date knowledge of smoke testing requirements. The system we use is a nationally accepted system that is used in law enforcement for its accuracy.

Grant Funding Assistance

The CDS research staff is constantly searching for new federal and state grant and funding opportunities. All CDS associates have access to our grant writing services. Call us for questions on your city or state!

DPF Emissions Retrofitting

Reducing emissions from diesel engines is one of the most important air quality challenges facing the country today. EPA established the National Clean Diesel Campaign (NCDC) to promote diesel emission reduction strategies. NCDC includes regulatory programs to address new diesel engines as well as innovative programs to address the millions of diesel engines already in use.

Diesel engines power the movement of goods across the nation, help construct the buildings in which we live and work, help build the roads on which we travel, and carry millions of children to school each day. While diesel engines provide mobility and are critical to the nation’s economy, exhaust from diesel engines contains pollutants that negatively impact human health and the environment. Diesel engines emit large amounts of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and air toxics, which contribute to serious public health problems.

Data Logging

From a simple Temperature log up to a detailed discription of your vehicles exhaust, We have it all. CDS has the capability to install, read and diagnose most manufacturers data. Software is available throughout our entire CDS nationwide network. We pride ourselves with ability and perseverance to solve all data logging issues. Contact CDS Headquarters to find a CDS outlet near you.

On Site Fleet Evaluation

Need to find out what you need to be in complaince with the City, State and or CARB/EPA? We have mobile service that will visit your location and suggest what you need to be in compliance with your federal agency at no charge. We have trucks ready to serve our contract customers 24/7. Our employees are also certified to perform Smoke Opacity Testing, DPF Cleaning Service, Diesel emission retrofits and much more.

Call us today for our competitive breakdown of pricing for individual trucks all the way up to large fleets. Contact Us at: (888) 404-1944